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‘Love’~ The most powerful energy that has been my guiding star in all my passions since childhood… It’s ‘love’ that I infuse in all my creations and footsteps.. be it my hobbies of performing solo on stage, be it writing a poetry, be it winning a poetry competition representing my school ‘Loreto Day School’, or service to humanity with happiness!
Every impression made by my presence is a fruit of love..Thus I give birth to poetry to bring forth this ecstatic feeling of unexpressed love from the hidden crevices of my mind!

My baby dream of being a poetess has always been nurtured and swaddled by my crave to spread abundant love to all…to spread smiles..
However, life’s ocean waves led my ship traverse to a complete different direction of education & job career into the world of HR, Learning & Development and Music (Rabindra Sangeet)leaving no space and time for my poems, but, my baby dream kept growing amidst all the adversities of life giving birth to a treasure of unexpressed emotions and I name it as ‘Poesy Of Poulami’.

Today, I feel gratified that I live in poetry & I breathe in poetry.. I am grateful to have met with this platform to reach you all, wreathing my heart with a garland of ‘law of attraction’.

I am a believer of Poetry as ‘the word painting that speaks even the unsaid’ , ‘it paints beautiful pictures in myriad hues and gives solace to the soul’.
Thus, ‘Poesy Of Poulami’ expresses a rhythmic composition of emotional journey through thoughts and words forming a soulful music that leaves an ethereal resonance.

It is an abode of my word paintings which are mirrors to one’s soul, through which they can see, what their minds and heart reflect, and can open the doors to the feelings that are locked and suppressed in the hidden core of the heart and mind. Word paintings which can let them relate with their life and lead them to eternal happiness. And, I will keep painting my words till they chime in the echoes of heart and scatter rich smiles.

Keep Smiling!
Love & light…..
Poulami ~ An aesthete poetess..nature enthusiast..thalassophile…